Rotary Vacuum Evaporators for Universities,Colleges & Schools

Rotary Vacuum Evaporators for Universities,Colleges & Schools

Rotary Vacuum Evaporators

Advantages for Rotary Vacuum Evaporators

Spark-less drive unit AC motor with assured speed regulation.
Flask sizes from 100 to 1000 ml.
Digital Temperature Controller for Water Bath.
PTFE / glass sealing mechanism.

Applications for Vacuum Evaporators

The Ideal partner for all routine rotary vacuum evaporation's at Universities, Colleges, Schools, small to mid size Companies, and as a standby unit.

Construction of Rotary Evaporator

The Evaporators range like all Medica products, has been designed for ease of use and dependability. Starting from the raw material stage to mid-process inspections, every final test is done in a state of the art Test Room by qualified Engineers as per standards for its performance across all its specifications. Every single Evaporator is delivered along with a signed Test Report.
Smooth, adjustable, maintenance free and user friendly single lever manual lift.
Water Bath with efficient insulation.
Seamless Stainless Steel Round Bath inner vessel.

Standard Features of Rotary Vacuum Evaporators

Drive Speed with assured speed control from 50 to 250 RPM.
Water Bath with energy efficient heater - range ambient +5 to 99°C.
Vertical Glass Set with 1000 ml B29 Evaporating Flask & 1000 ml S35 Receiving Flask, B29 plastic C
Clip & S35 Ball Joint Clip.
Flask ejector for easy removal of evaporating flask.
Power Supply: 230 VAC, 50 Hz, single phase.

Optional Accessories / Spares

Vacuum Pump - PTFE diaphragm type.
Vacuum Regulator - Analogue.
Chilled Water Circulator - Manual.
Vacuum Trap.
Round Oil Bath - Digital upto 180°C.
Tubing's set.
Flasks, B29 Evaporating & S35 Receiving, in capacities of 100, 250, 500 & 1000 ml.
Clips for B29 & S35 joints.

Model Description App. Shipping Details
Net / Gr. / Volume
#EV11 Rotary Evaporator  20 kg / 25 kg / 0.220 m3
#9075.CRP.020 PTFE Diaphragm Vacuum Pump 020 - free air displacement 22 lit/min 5.0 kg / 7.0 kg / 0.053 m3
#8925.REG.760 Vacuum Regulator - Analogue 1.5 kg / 2.5 kg / 0.015 m3
#8930.X00.EVA Chiller - Manual 6.0 kg / 14 kg / 0.12 m3
#8841.CT0.000 Vacuum Trap 6.0 kg / 8.0 kg / 0.059 m3
#8483IS-DWO Round Oil Bath 5.0 kg / 6.0 kg / 0.025 m3
#S1286-10 Tubing's Set:
6 met PVC tubing with tap adapter for water inlet & drain, 3 met NBR tubing for vacuum pump
1.0 kg / 2.0 kg / 0.015 m3