BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) Incubators /Low Temperature Incubators

BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) Incubators /Low Temperature Incubators

BOD Incubator / Biological Oxygen Demand Incubators / Low Temperature Incubators

We are manufacturers of BOD incubators in India since 1980. Our BOD incubators are widely used for everyday bacteriological and bio chemical oxygen demand (BOD) determination tests in various laboratory applications. We specialize in both standard and customized models with CE Marked, specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of various scientists for individual and specialized research applications. Over a long period of time DFT Tech have been established as reliable exporters and Suppliers of BOD incubators in India, catering to the huge markets in Asia, Middle East,North America and South America, Australia, Africa and Europe. Apart from that we are supplying our BOD incubators in India through dealers , catering to a variety of customers ranging from Atomic energy, Biotechnology Companies, Microbiology Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Defence Installations, Research Laboratories, Educational Institutes and various Research and Development laboratories of leading national and multinational companies.

Advantages of BOD ( Biological Oxygen Demand) Incubators /Low Temperature Incubators:

Forced convection type i.e. forced air circulation of chilled air by durable coaxial blower to achieve homogeneous heating and cooling dissipation throughout the chamber.
Tempered safety glass inner door enables end-users to easily monitor without any variation in temperature.

Applications of BOD Incubators:

Ideal for preservation of vaccines, study of synthesizing organisms, life cycle testing, shelf life studies, general incubation, refrigerated storage, cell culture process of animals and plants, microorganisms cultivation and desalting process of enzyme extract in Biology, Botany Virology, Oceanography, water pollution, sewage, agriculture, food and research departments.

Construction Details of BOD Incubators / Low Temperature Incubators:

Interior construction of stainless steel.
Exterior construction of steel with heat cured epoxy coating.
Shelves are of stainless steel (adjustable type).
Double door with magnetic packing.
High temperature safety inner glass door.
PUF insulation provided.

Standard Features of BOD Incubators:

Digital PID controller for Precision Temperature Control.
Equipped with wait-off timer, high temp. alarm, auto-tuning and temperature calibration function.
Round cornered chamber to protect contamination and easy to clean.
Forced air circulation inside the chamber, to maintain optimum uniformity of temperature.
Documenting options available on request.

Our BOD Incubators are Manufactured as per CE guidelines.

Model Product Capacity
Ltr / CuFt
Internal Dimension
L/W/D in mm
Shelves Temp. Range Accuracy
#7140-150 BOD Incubator 150 / 5.2 500x500x600 2 nos 5 to 60°C ±0.5°C
#7140-250 BOD Incubator 250 / 8.7 500x500x1000 3 nos 5 to 60°C ±0.5°C

We Manufacture, Supply and Export BOD Incubators ( Biological Chemical Oxygen Demand) / Low Temperature Incubators and Custom Models as per Customer requirements to Pharamaceutical Companies, Microbiology Laboratories, Tissue Culture Centers, Universities, Food Research Labs, Testing Labs, Hospitals and etc..