Polycarbonate Anaerobic Culture Jar

Polycarbonate Anaerobic Culture Jar

Polycarbonate Anaerobic Jar

Advantages of Transparent Anaerobic Jar Polycarbonate

A strong moulded and transparent jar, makes it ideal for critical tests requiring visual in process monitoring.
A compound gauge (manometer) eliminates guesswork in monitoring cycle process.

Anaerobic Jar Polycarbonate Applications

Anaerobic Jars are ideal for all tests requiring strict anaerobic conditions in closed environment.

Model Description Approx. Size App. Shipping Details
Net / Gr. / Volume
#8160 Anaerobic Jar - Polycarbonate* Ø125 x 230mm 2.0 kg / 3.0 kg / 0.03 m3
* Gas pack is not part of standard supply.
Optional Spares & Accessories
Model Spares
#S1114-25 Gas Pack - Pack of 5
#S1114-05 Spare Catalyst for Anaerobic Jar- Pack of 5
#S1114-50 Test Strip - Pack of 5
#6218 Test Tube Rack for An Jar Ø20x8

Anaerobic Jar Polycarbonate Construction
Transparent, strong and durable moulded jar.
Aluminium cast lid, heat cured epoxy coated with a bridge clamp for easy tightening.
Carrier can accommodate twelve petri dishes.

Anaerobic Jar Polycarbonate Standard Accessories / Fittings
SS Rack for 100 mm Ø plates, with gas pack sachet holder.
Cold Catalyst fitted to underside of lid.
Compound Gauge on lid.
Two needle valves on lid.
Safety valve on lid.
Bridge clamp with tightening screw