Media Preparator CUM Autoclaves

Media Preparator CUM Autoclaves

Medium Preparator cum Autoclaves

We are speciality manufacturers and Exporters of Media Preparator CUM Autoclaves in India since 1980. Our Media Preparator CUM Autoclaves are widely used for everyday liquid media agar preparation and sterilization process methods in various laboratory and Research applications. We specialize in both standard, advanced, customized models with CE Marked, specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of various scientists / Research centers / individual and specialized research applications. Over a long period of time DFT Tech have been established as reliable Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Media Preparator CUM Autoclaves in India, catering to the huge markets in Asia, Middle East,North America and South America, Australia, Africa and Europe. Apart from that we are supplying our Autoclaves in India through dealers , catering to a variety of customers ranging from Atomic energy, Biotechnology Companies, Microbiology Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Defence Installations, Research Laboratories, Educational Institutes and various Research and Development laboratories of leading national and multinational companies.

We DFT Tech Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers and Distributors of the Media Perparator cum Autoclaves to various industries, Scientific Dealers throughout in india

Advantages of Media Preparator CUM Auotclaves

« Prepares liquid media agar - 3~9 lit in #7415-09 & 12~27 lit in 7415-27.
« It autoclaves/sterilizes & cools the media to user settable temperature within 60-110 minutes.
« Continuous stirring throughout the cycle assures proper mixing of media & uniformity.
« Separate large addition port provided for adding nutrient / blood.
« Controls actual media temperature as temperature probe is kept immersed in media.
« Media sterilization temperature range: up to 122°C.
« Media dispensing temp range: 40~80°C.
« Removable / exchangeable media vessels & hence easy to clean and enables back to back media.
« Equiclave is suitable for connecting to any petri dish filling line.
« Inbuilt support pressure mechanism/system avoids over boiling of media during cooling phase.
« Online printing to DMP printer with complete cycle information & temperature readings.

Constructions of Media Prepartor CUM Autoclaves

• Internal chamber of Prepartor CUM Autoclaves, Media container & lid alongwith all wetted parts fabricated from stainless steel or special food grade plastic.
• Single lever pronged closure system for Lid with a patented silicon gasket (registered design N. 208774).
• Easy lift & closing of the lid by assisted support.
• Easy access to all the components due to modular design.
• Built in pressure pump to prevent flash boiling.
• Large diameter addition port on lid.
• Special inbuilt magnetic stirrer.
• Removable stainless steel media container.

Applications of Media Prepartor CUM Autoclaves

» Pharma & Biotech industries. » Food research & quality assurance labs. » Agriculture research & quality assurance lab. » Health care & diagnostic labs. » Veterinary diagnostic labs. » Universities.

Control Systems
Media Preparator CUM Autoclaves is a PLC with touch screen graphic display which provides higher accuracy, repeatability & user level flexibility. Thus making it operator friendly.
All the program data, critical parameters, process status & alarms are clearly displayed on the touch screen monitor.
PLC controls & monitors each & every parameter., Online F0 calculation.
Corrective action program on power failure.
Corrective action program on low sterilization temperature.
Prints relevant cycle information with detail temperature reading & F0 value to DMP printer (Printer not part of standard supply).
Provides total user flexibility, User settable:
1. Sterilization temperature 2. Sterilisation Hold time 3. Dispense temperature 4. Dispense time 5. Print start temperature 6. Print interval

Safety Features of Media Preparator Autoclaves
Low water level detection., Raw water under / over pressure detection.
Alarms for sensor break, Door interlock for residual pressure.
Dispense & addition port lid open alarm., Dispense & addition port lid locked under pressure.
Spring loaded safety valve for over pressure., Independent thermal cut off for high temperature.
MCB for electrical safety. Every chamber is hydraulically tested to twice its operating pressure.

All the Autoclaves are manufactured with extreme care set as per ISO13485:2003. Each & every stage including raw material inward stage, processing & manufacturing is inspected by qualified engineers. All the products are finally calibrated, tested & validated in QC by qualified & experienced engineers & confirmed for desired performance and Supplied to customers through out india and worldwide.

Supply: Single Phase, 230 Vac, 50 Hz , 18Amp.
Water Supply: Deminerilised / purified water line with
hardness & temperature less than <21 (German) & 30°C
respectively. Minimum 2 bar pressure & Maximum 4 bar.
Exhaust /Drain line: Capable of handling 121°C.
steam / water.
Foot Print: 750 x 650 mm.

Optional Accessories for Applications of Media Prepartor CUM Autoclaves
Peristaltic Pump:
It is used to dispense the required quantity of media from media preparator.
Programmable fill volume, Programmable suck back to prevent dripping.
Fill by revolution count for better accuracy. Copy function for repeat fill.
Signals for synchronising with filling line.

Raw Water Filter:
Raw (Cooling) water with high TDS will increase the scalling, thus it will reduce the efficiency of autoclave considerably. The filter cum softening assembly for autoclave is essential, if the cooling water hardness is high.

Optional Accessories:
Booster Water Pump: #S4305-12
A booster pump would be essential where pressurised (2-4 bar) raw / cooling water is not available. The booster
pump will increase the raw / cooling water pressure to match the requirement to operate the media prepartor.

Size of media containerØ280 x 250 mm approx.Ø300 x 500 mm approx.
Capacity3 ~ 9 Ltr.9 ~ 27 Ltr.
Sterilization TempMax up to to 122.0°C.
Sterilization Timer1~99 minutes.
Dispense Temp40°C ~ 80°C.
Dispense Timer1~999 minutes.
Print Interval12 seconds ~ 5 minutes.
Stirring Speed 70 RPM
Display5 x 7 Monochrome Touch Screen display.
Online Printing OptionStandard part of supply - to DMP printer (Printer not included).

ModelProductCapacityExternal Dimension L/W/D in mm
#7415-09Media Preparator cum Autoclave9 ltr 750 x 650 x 500
#7415-27Media Preparator cum Autoclave27 ltr 1055 x 665 x106
#S4305-70Peristaltic Pump--200 x 200 x 250
#S1104-50Raw Water Filter--280 x 160 x 250
#S4305-12Booster Water Pump----
#S3101-53Media Container9 ltr --
#S3101-54Media Container27 ltr --

* - All electrical appliances work on 230 VAC, 50Hz, single phase.

We Manufacture, Supply and Export Media Preparator CUM Autoclaves for liquid media agar preparation and Steriliztion to Pharamaceutical Manufacturers, Media Preparing Industries,, Universities, Food Research Labs and etc..