Dry Baths Incubator

Dry Baths Incubator

Dry Baths Incubator

Advantages of Refrigerated Dry Bath Incubators

Equipped with microprocessor based controller for accurate control and regulates the high wattage heater to provide rapid heating.
Two temperature control segments.
Sample block easily removable for cleaning or replacement.
Easy user calibration.

Applications of Refrigerated Dry Bath Incubators:

Ideal for preservation and reaction of samples, amplification of DNA, pre-denaturation of the electrophoresis, blood serum coagulation in molecular biology, histology, clinical, environmental and industrial settings.

Construction / Standard Features of Dry Bath Incubators:

Precise microprocessor control.
32 characters alpha-numeric LCD display for temperature & time.
Metal module blocks to avoid product pollution.
End of cycle buzzer and heater cut-off.
Absolute overshoot alarm at 105°C.
Timer range : 1min ~99h 59min.

Model Product Temp Range Accuracy Outer Dimensions
(w/o block)
LxBxH in mm
App. Shipping Details
Net / Gr. / Volume
#8550.1.H100* Dry bath
+5°C to 100°C
± 0.3°C 300 x 220 x 170 2.5 kg / 4.0 kg / 0.036m³
#8551.1.C-10* Dry bath
-10°C to 100°C ± 0.3°C 300 x 220 x 170 5.0 kg / 7.0 kg / 0.036m³

* Note: To order Blocks separately.
Blocks for above:
Type Model Product Capacity Max Temp.
A #8580.96 x 0.2 Dry Bath Block 96 x 0.2ml 100°C
B #8580.54 x 0.5 Dry Bath Block 54 x 0.5ml 100°C
C #8580.35 x 1.5 Dry Bath Block 35 x 1.5ml 100°C
D #8580.35 x 2.0 Dry Bath Block 35 x 2.0ml 100°C