Automatic Water Stills

Automatic Water Stills

Automatic Water stills

Application for Automatic Water Stills
Ideal for all laboratories like chemical test, rinse or washing water for glasswares, biological test-condition which needs no impurities, fundamental water for ultra purification system, autoclave and environmental cabinet.

Adavantages of Automatic Water Stills
Easy & safe to operate.
Automatic operation requiring no manual intervention which enhances end-user convenience in operation.
Built-in large distillate storage reservoir which enables end-users to use distilled water as & when required.

Construction of Automatic Water Stills
Interior construction of stainless steel (Boiler and storage tank).
Exterior construction of steel with heat cured epoxy coating.
Equipped with Baffle to improve purity of distillate.

Standard Features

Fitted with circuit breaker for electrical safety.
Equipped with two water level switches. One for distillate tank full & one for low input water.
Overheat protection for heater.
Fitted with high-efficiency pre-filter for raw water which filters impurities and this feature enhances long life of heater & improves distillate quality.
Manufactured as per CE guidelines.

Model Product Distillation Rate Storage Tank Capacity External Dimension L/W/D in mm
#7680-08 Automatic Water Still 8 lit / hr 23 lit 750 x 395 x 640
#7699-00 Water softening plant for Automatic Water Still - Highly recommended 350 x 175 x 615