Tohnichi RF Solar Powered Torque Wrench And Recevier

Tohnichi RF Solar Powered Torque Wrench And Recevier

Tohnichi RF Solar Powered Torque Wrench And Recevier

Tohnichi BL series torque wrenches send tightening completion signals by radio waves. The Solar Panel eliminates need for battery maintenance and costs associated. R-BL receiver models capture signals from BL wrenches and transfer to external equipment, such as a count checker CNA-4mk3, Poka-Patrol. The receiver can transfer Completion signals and transmitter serial number to external equipment. Miss-tightening prevention system can be established with PC or PLC.

Wireless Solar Powered Error Proofing Torque Wrench

Upon tightening completion, transceiver sends signal to receiver and counter or PLC to track and control tightening assembly work. Solar powered transceiver module eliminates costs relating to battery maintenance.

902.875 MHz Transmitting Frequency
Multiple wrench to one receiver Capabilities: 10 wrenches; 4 Contact signal outputs; 6 RS232C outputs
Transceiver Powered Solar Panel:
Round top shape keeps solar panel positioned to capture light
3000 uses within 8 hours in standard work environment
Min. 400 uses in low or no light conditions with base charge
Robust plastic case, with internal antenna (Optional Rubber Cover Sold Separately)
Quick communications setting with one click
Receiver (R-BLA ), captures signal from multiple wrenches & identifies by serial numbers
No setting box required for this model series
Transmission distance: 10-20 meters (30-60 feet)
Order wrench and receiver box to complete one basic system
Receiver box (R-BLA) can be connected directly to DC24V or with Optional (AC Adapter #BA-8)
Optional LAN output version available
Use under normal interior illumination in an ordinary factory
Easily convert any Tohnichi LS-type corded torque wrenches to BLA solar powered by purchasing T-BLA transmitter only
The T-BLA/QLBLA is for use only in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
(The T-BLE/QLBLE model is available for use in the EU and China. The T-BL/QLBL is for use only in Japan.)
Conforms with technical standards of the U.S. and Canada.
BLA wrenches are available in a variety of click wrench types.
Most popular wrench type is CSP Interchangeable Head Preset Type.
Preset Types are best fo assembly work, as user cannot easily or mistakenly change the torque set value.
Interchangeable head type give flexiblity in work type. Heads sold separately.
If other type wrench styles are required, please contact Tohnichi for the specific model numbers.

Note 1: This product can be used in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Colombia.
Note 2: Effective distance between transmitter and receiver depends on radio wave environment. In some cases it may be shorter than expected.
*Note: Causes of transmission errors include: ambient noise; an obstacle between the transmitter and the receiver; dead points caused by signal reflection from metal, concrete, or other material that prevents direct transmission to the receiver antenna.
* Note 3: Solar cells power the transmitter, so the equipment should be used in lighting conditions exceeding 200lx.
* If starting with a battery at zero charge, under lighting of 200lx about 3 minutes are required before first transmission.
* At full battery charge, under completely dark conditions (0lx), signals would still be emitted for more than 1,800 tightening operations.
* After full battery charge is reached, if the unit is stored in complete darkness (0lx), the charge would be depleted after about 6 days.
* Even while the torque wrench is in operation, the solar cells will still charge the unit under lighting of at least 200lx, so there is no need to charge fully before use.
Dimensions below are for BLA on QL wrench. Refer to basic wrench page (ex. CSP) for other model basic dimensions.

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