Tohnichi Preset Torque Wrench For SMA Connectors

Tohnichi Preset Torque Wrench For SMA Connectors

Tohnichi Preset Torque Wrench For SMA Connectors

90° of "breaking" upon reaching the set torque to reduce the possibility of over torque.
Preset style.
The set torque cannot be changed without using a special tool (sold separately), preventing the operator from changing torque by mistake.
Applicable for international use including the EU region.
Compliant with calibration procedures of ISO 6789 Type II Class B.
Compliant with ISO 6789 Type II Class B calibration procedures.

How to set the torque
1. Remove the cap by turning it counterclockwise with the Thrust Ring Tool.
2. Loosen the Thrust Ring Screw (hex set screw) by turning it counterclockwise with a hex bit.
3. Turn the Thrust Ring with the Thrust Ring Tool to set a torque. Use a tester (Model TDT3-G, TCC2-G, TF) for torque setting.
4. Fasten the Thrust Ring Screw by turning it clockwise with the hex bit. Fasten the Screw with the specified torque (T=40cN・m), then lock it. Use a torque driver (Model LTD or RTD)for fastening the Screw.
5. Fasten the cap by turning a clockwise with the Thrust Ring Tool.

How to use
1. Set the proper torque value. For “How to set the torque”, refer to the chapter 4. Make sure if the set torque value is correct before use when you purchased with specifying the required set torque.
2. Apply the wrench head around a bolt head or nut.
3. Pull the wrench clockwise to tighten bolts or nuts.
4. Starting slipping of a spanner indicates the reach of setting torque.
5. Stop tightening operation by the reach of 90 degree's slipping from the initial spanner position.

Routine Maintenance
・Have a periodical inspection for the torque wrench as a measurement tool.
・Keep it with taking out dirt, dust, mud, oil, moisture, etc. after use.
・If not, it causes improper operation and accuracy.
・Keep it at a dried place with applying the anti-rust oil when not using it for a long time.
・Improper stock keeping festinates the deviation of accuracy and durability.
・Stop using the torque wrench when occurring abnormal actuation. Ask for an inspection or repair to the seller or Tohnichi.

Precaution For Use
Make sure if the set torque is correct before use. Make sure the proper torque unit.
・Confirm the torque unit before use.
・Distinguish from orderinary click-type torque wrecnhes (Ex. SP). Click-type torque wrench generates over-torque when you apply excessive torque after a "click" sound. Be careful to use a click-type torque wrench together with a Slip or Break-Over type torque wrench.
・Do not use a torque wrench in the water or sea. This makes an internal structure defect to cause accidents or injuries. Have an inspection or repair if you drop the torque wrench in the water or sea.
・Make a preventive measure for dropping when working at a higher place. Dropping the torque wrench or socket causes serious accidents or injuries.

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