Tohnichi MCSP Torque Error Proofing Wrench

Tohnichi MCSP Torque Error Proofing Wrench

Tohnichi MCSP Torque Error Proofing Wrench

Interchangeable open end head marking torque wrench. When the set torque is reached, the wrench automatically leaves a mark on nuts (bolts) to provide evidence of proper tightening.

The MCSP is a preset type interchangeable open end head marking torque wrench. It automatically marks a corner of the nut (or bolt) on the side, when the set torque is reached.
Conventionally, the tightening and marking procedure is a two-step process: (1) Tighten with a torque wrench; then (2) Make a mark with a pen. Tohnichi's MCSP prevents a mark from being made if tightening was forgotten.
Preset head is ideal for successive tightenings at the same torque.
MCSP series torque wrenches come in a selection of three body types, permitting tightening torque applications from 10 to 140 N • m.
MSH15D series interchangeable heads for the MCSP series offer a selection of 14 sizes. Interchangeable open end head dimensions (width across flats) of nuts (bolts) range from 12 to 32 mm.
MSH15D series open end interchangeable heads are more compact than those in the regular SH series, making them useful for marking where dimensions are restricted.
Uses a disposable marker, so no need for ink refills. One marker performs about 2,000 markings. Marker replacement is easy. Also suitable for vertical marking.
Bolt / nut is marked on the side when tightening is completed MCSP series helps to enhance productivity, combining both tightening and marking in one operation to eliminate missed marking.
Preset type, interchangeable open end spanner head Ideal for high volume production applications.
Disposable marker Easy to replace disposable marker can perform up to 2,000 marks.
Marker is self aligning, no adjustment is required Marker end controls the marker operating distance.

The torque setting can be easily viewed and changed by turning end knob to move the scales.
Because of its easy torque setting style, it can be susceptible to unauthorized or inadvertent changes to the torque setting.
Ideal for applications that require a variety of torque settings using one tool.
Because there are no scales, a torque tester and a specialized adjusting or thrust ring tool are required to set the torque value.
Ideal for mass assembly applications where one torque setting is dedicated to one tool.
Since this type requires additional equipment to change the torque, it prevents the torque setting from being changed by unauthorized personnel.
Preset styles have lower maintenance costs compared to other types of torque tools due primarily to the fact that there is no scale to maintain and calibrate.

Tools that require thrust ring tool have an end cap that must be removed and a thrust ring screw that is loosened, then thrust ring tool is used to fit into two holes to moved CW or CCW to increase or decrease torque value. For tools that take adjusting keys, the key fits directly into the end of the tool. The wrench is checked against a torque tester to verify torque value. Adjustments are made until the required setting consistently shows on the torque tester.

The MCSP Marking Torque Wrench requires MSH series interchangeable heads (sold separately). The MCSP cannot use regular SH series heads.
Tohnichi also manufactures other jaw opening sizes in addition to standard sizes, upon request. Contact us for more details. Standard accessories
Interchangeable heads (sold separately) come with one marker pin and one attachment bolt.

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