Tohnichi Preset Torque Wrench With Limit Switch

Tohnichi Preset Torque Wrench With Limit Switch

Tohnichi Preset Torque Wrench With Limit Switch

Error Proofing torque wrench with limit switch output to eliminate missed tightening.
Preset style torque wrench with limit switch module and cable attached. Available in a wide variety of torque wrench styles.
Upon reaching the set torque, the torque wrench "clicks" to complete tightening while the limit switch simultaneously sends out a contact signal.
A limit switch can be connected to a CNA-4mk3 count checker (sold separately) to easily create a tightening count management system.
Signals from the limit switch are captured on a programmable logic controller (PLC) or similar device to establish a Tightening Assurance System using assembly line interlock controls.
Applicable for international use including the EU region.
Compliant with ISO 6789 Type II Class B calibration procedures.
CSPLS series products are interchangeable head torque wrenches. A variety of head style are available and sold separately.

1. Refer to base model series for torque ranges and wrench specs.
2. Presetting the torque values requires adjusting key and tester, or request presetting service at time of order.
3. Limit switch specification is AC/DC 30V below 1A.
4. Female connector for LS cable #WA5219K is sold separately.

Count checker to prevent missed tightening.
Can be connected to LS (Limit Switch) torque wrenches for count management.
Up to four LS torque wrenches can be connected, and each can be set with a different number of bolts to tighten. So up to four operators can perform tightening tasks at the same time.
From one unit, the numbers of four different types of bolts to be tightened can be set.
Bolt counting can be set 0-99 pcs for each torque wrench, and count down upon receiving a signal.
OK/NG judgement signal can be transferred to external device through relay output.
Connected with LS type torque wrenches (sold separately), CNA4-mk3 establishes error-proofing system.

Dial indicating torque wrench tester with mechanical loading device.
Manual-operated analog type torque wrench tester
Easy-to-read large dial face (φ140)
Since torque wrench is designed to set horizontally, wrench weight correction is not necessary.
Pole plate available for all models, which helps horizontal setting of torque wrenches.
Torque wrenches can be calibrated easily by rotating the handle.
The loading device is designed to apply load accurately against the effective line of torque wrench, which maintains a stable calibration conditions and prevents individual errors. For markets outside Japan, our products are manufactured to both metric standards of measurement (kgf, cm, etc.) and American standards of measurement (lbf, in, etc.).

Precautions for use
When the wire is connected to the loading circuit, follow the limit specifications of AC & DC 30V, below 1A.
Be careful not to damage or jolt the limit switch when in use. This may lead to a malfunction.
Do not cut or damage the wire. This may cause an electric shock and/or make the part inoperable.
Do not open the limit switch cover. This cover protects the parts from dirt and dust that may interfere with the normal function of the parts.
Do not disassemble or modify the plug, wire, or limit switch parts.
The female plug is not a standard accessory. When ordering the female plug, request part number WA5219K.
In order to use the limit switch type torque wrench properly and safely, please read the operating instructions carefully.

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