Tohnichi Pro Tor Digital Torque Wrench For Tightening

Tohnichi Pro Tor Digital Torque Wrench For Tightening

Tohnichi Pro Tor Digital Torque Wrench For Tightening

Detects the original tightened torque applied on the bolt by re-tightening inspection.
For re-tightening inspection of tightened bolts: Applying additional torque until fastener just starts to move.
Uses Tohnichi's re-tightening torque measurement algorithm (T-point method). (*Patent pending)
Detection sensors and internal software provide a final torque value that is very close to the original applied torque.
Gyro detection guides users with completion light, once wrench detects first movement. This reduces the variations in captured data among different users' testing techniques.
Internal memory saves up to 999 readings, which can be downloaded via RS232C.
Interchangeable head allows for use in a variety of applications.
Applicable for international use including the EU region.
Compliant with calibration procedures of ISO 6789 Type I Class C.
Interchangeable head style offers a wide variety of heads to suit many types of applications. QH Ratchet head included. Other types are sold separately.
Also available: CTB2-BT / CTB2-G-BT torque wrenches capable of Bluetooth® data transmissions. *Bluetooth is a registered trademark of SIG, Inc.
Add Tohnichi's TDMS Software Package to provide a solution for collecting torque data for quality inspection routes.
CTB2-G-S Version (Special Order) saves both peak and original tightening points so it's easy to transition from Tohnichi's CEM Digital Torque Wrench for historical data analysis.

DOTE4-G Digital torque wrench tester with manual loader. Ideal for torque wrench calibration and adjustment.
Also available with Motor Drive Loader: Model DOTE4-G-MD
Motor Drive Retrofit Kit Available for DOTE4-G to upgrade standard model to motor drive version.
Pole holder and plate are equipped on all models, which helps keep wrenches in optimal testing postion.
Auto-zero function.
Up to 1000 measurement data items can be stored in the memory.
Peak/Run modes with 10 customizable hi/lo judgment patterns
Color Judgment Display makes it easy to confirm readings are within your set parameters
Global units of measure selection by keypad: cNm, NM,, kgf.m,, lbf.ft
Sample quantity, maximum value (Hi), minimum value (Lo) and mean value can be displayed.
Manual and Auto Reset from 0.1~5.0 seconds
RS232C output and USB for easy connection to PC or Printer EPP16M3 (cables sold separately)
Uses AC100 to 240V +/10% 50/60Hz # BA-6, AC Adapter Included
Excel Receiver software sends collected data to a Excel®** for data management. (Provided as free download with purchase of cable) Note: Excel® is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.
Includes Calibration Certificate: ILAC MRA
Calibration Kits (sold separately) to check and adjust accuracy of tester on periodic basis. (or send to Tohnichi Service Center)
CE markings applied for use in the EU.

Package software that helps standard values management and early error detection.
All data can be managed in a master data file consisting of Excel® and torque data, and can be easily monitored and stored.
Excel® uses measured tightening data to automatically calculate N, X-bar, σ, cp and cpk. The Excel file can be output.
The calculated values for N, X-bar, σ, cp and cpk are used to rapidly detect any abnormalities.

The version was upgraded to Ver. 2.00 in March 2017. In addition to the "CEM3-BTS / CEM3-G-BTS" digital torque wrenches with Bluetooth, the "CEM3-BTD / CEM3-G-BTD" that allow two-way communication in tightening work, "STC2-BT / STC2-G-BT" digital torque drivers, "CTB2-BT / CTB2-G-BT" digital torque wrenches for re-tightening. "Specialized TDMS-E / TDMS-E+TAC-TPC" that can be used by the "ST3-BT / ST3-G-BT" for nut runner torque checkers can also be custom-modified when ordered.

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