Tohnichi Pro Tor Digital Torque Wrench For Tightening

Tohnichi Pro Tor Digital Torque Wrench For Tightening

Tohnichi Pro Tor Digital Torque Wrench For Tightening

Equipped with high brightness LED, which allows easy tracking of the tightening condition.
Saved data can be output through USB cable.
Intuitive machine interface, bright LED lamp indicates the current torque level against the target torque.
Robust and durable aluminum body.
With CE mark. For international use including the EU region.
Applicable for international use including the EU region.
Compliant with calibration procedures of ISO 6789 Type I Class C.
Excel Receiver software is a data input tool for Excel® data management. It can be downloaded for free. *Note: Excel® is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.
Tohnichi's interchangeable head torque wrenches can be used with our interchange head lineup which offers the best selection in the world, making these wrenches ideal for your work.

Highly responsive torque sensor for precise application of tightening torque
10 different target torque values can be programmed and easily recalled by alphabetic registration ID
LED indicator allows the user to follow the changing torque values
Multiple units of measure (SI, Metric, American) setup capabilities
50 data memory capacity with RS232C output
Accuracy ±3% of indicated value, CW & CCW measurement, Power source: 2 x AA batteries

Several different tightening modes available to cater to a variety of applications. Quick and accurate tightening while preventing errors.

Modes include: Preset Tightening Mode, Judgment Tightening Mode, Peak/Run Modes * Retightening/loosening torque is performed in the Peak Mode. Preset Tightening Mode: Allows user to set the target torque with specific % of torque allowable beyond target, then the red LED moves towards the right to indicate the level of the applied torque. When it reaches the target torque range, the blue LED blinks and the buzzer signals tightening completion.

Judgment Tightening Mode: Allows user to set judgment ranges for lower/upper limit in the tightening operation. Upon tightening completion a judgment is made as torque value is stored in the memory. Equipped with bright LED lamp Bright LED lamp indicates the current torque level against the target torque, which enables a precise application in the tightening operation.

Multiple unit of measure selection 5 changeable units of measure through keypad setup, including N·m, kgf·cm, kgf·m, lbf·in, and lbf·ft.

Data Memory, Torque Set Registration and Output functions Up to 50 torque measurements can be saved as well as up to 10 different target torque or judgment range registrations. By selecting the registered torque setting (indicated alphabetically as A-J), you have the flexibility to work on several different tightening applications with ease. The stored data can be transferred to PC with RS232C cable (optional).

TQH Ratcheting Square Drive Head ideal for tight spaces 72 teeth ratchet with 5 degrees of operation, Push release socket lock function For CPT20x10D-G-SET to CPT200x19D-GSET (4 Models).

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