Tohnichi CEM3-P Digital Type Torque Wrench

Tohnichi CEM3-P Digital Type Torque Wrench

Tohnichi CEM3-P Digital Type Torque Wrench

Quality inspection torque wrench with data management software that links work name with test results.
ID management capabilities for measured parts and results.
The supplied application makes it easy to create and control site data.
Create data on the computer then transmit it to the CEM3-P.
Can be used for error-proofing .
"Standard inspection software" developed for low cost data management.
Reasonable pricing helps with decision to use.
Ergonomically designed and adapted for Color Vision Deficiencies (Tohnichi Unified Design).
Applicable for international use including the EU region. With CE marking.
Compliant with calibration procedures of ISO 6789 Type I Class C.
Tohnichi's interchangeable head torque wrenches can be used with our interchange head lineup which offers the best selection in the world, making these wrenches ideal for your work.

CEM3 Standard Version
Dual LCD and LED Displays for Optimal Viewing
User Friendly Operations
Manage Data with Time and Date Functions
Various Data Processing Options with PC or Handy Terminal
(Model HT)
CEM3-P Version
Expanded Programming Features Link Torque Data to Fastener
Prevent Inspection Errors and Improve Testing Efficiency
Easy to Create Torque Inspection Routes with Supplied Software

Features of CEM3
Judgment Function: OK/NG Buzzer and LED light
Dual Displays: Switch between power saving LCD and LCD+LED for easy viewing
Measured Data Linked to Time and Date
999 Data Storage Capacity
Preset Value Buzzer and Display Alerts.
Data Output: RS232C-Compliant (USB 1.1 Compliant) and Infrared
20 Hours Battery Life (30 hrs of continuous use in power saving mode)
Environmentally friendly Ni-MH battery
LCD Residual Battery Life Indicator
Light Weight Robust Aluminum Body Construction
Innovative Handle Design Shows Effective Length Point for Optimal Use
Statistical Data: Sample Size, Min., Max. and Average Values Displayed
Download Individual or Selected Range of Data
Advanced Data Management Options with PC or Handy Terminal (Model HT)

Dual Mode on your purpose:
Perform loosening or retightening test
Most common is retightening where you must apply more torque to the bolt until it move, capturing the peak torque.
For quality control checks
Tighten bolt to a specific torque value
For special tightening applications that require data storage

CEM3-P is a programmable version of the CEM3 model. This specialized version has expanded data management functions which are set up through PC software and uploaded to the wrench via cable.

Various Data can be set up including:
• Product Category/Route Name,
• Fastener Location,
• Number of Fasteners,
• Torque Hi/Lo Limits,
• Sequence The programmed “Torque Route” information is displayed on the wrench which guides the user through a sequence of torque inspections. Judgment alarms can be set up to signal if value is OK or NG. Stored data can then be downloaded to an Excel file through supplied software package.

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