Tohnichi Wired Data Transfer Torque Wrench

Tohnichi Wired Data Transfer Torque Wrench

Tohnichi Wired Data Transfer Torque Wrench

Wired Data-transfer torque wrench, CSPLD and CSPLDC connecting with Tohnichi CD5 display, OK/NG judgment LED lights can be performed on each operation.

Specialized version of CSP Click Torque Wrench that captures actual applied torque value.
Click wrench has torque sensor that is hard wired to torque display Model CD5.
When wrench clicks at set torque, the applied torque value is shown on the display.
Requires CD5 Compact Display to complete system; CSPLD or CSPLDC wrench and CD5 are calibrated together at time of order. Calibration is required if wrench is changed or torque setting changed.
Large LED judgment lights confirm OK-Blue or Hi/Lo NG-Red on the wrench for confirmation by user on the wrench.
No batteries required. Power is supplied from the CD5 Display unit connection.
Accepts Tohnichi Standard Interchangeable Head Types available in a wide range of styles and sizes.(see Accessories below)
Compact Metal Module Case.
Standard Series, covers range of 2N.m to 280N.m.
More than 280N.m size is special ordered upon request.
Standard cables included: 30cm Coiled & 3m Straight Cables. Additional cable options are available.
CSPLD has a fixed cable on wrench to secure wrench to station. CSPLDC features Quick Connect Cable Style which allows for easy exchange or replacement of the cable.

Overall length does not include interchangeable head.
* For wrench only sales, customer must have previously purchased complete set and are purchasing the wrench as a replacement. Tohnichi America can calibrate and set torque wrench for nominal fee when replacing or exchanging the wrench.
A torque wrench tester and adjusting key are required to set torque, then calibrated to CD5 Display
Confirm torque set value at time of order when ordering as a set, for complimentary factory torque set and calibration.
If connecting to CD5 versions less than 1.4, it will require adapter 00T206079D in order to perform the OK/NG LED Light functions on this generation of CSPLD or CSPLDC wrenches.
Three meter connection cable to CD5 Display is supplied as standard. If you require a different length, add cable part number to your order and it will be substituted for the standard cable with an up charge.(Wrench itself is also supplied with coiled cable as standard). For additional cable options and special requests, contact Tohnichi for assistance. Models up to 280NM and 420NM available upon request

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