Tohnichi Tire Wrench With Multiplier And Stand

Tohnichi Tire Wrench With Multiplier And Stand

Tohnichi Tire Wrench With Multiplier And Stand

Torque wrenches for easy and accurate tightening of wheel nuts of large vehicles such as trucks, tractor-trailers and buses, using just one worker, thereby cutting down on labor costs.

The TW2 series are large stand-alone torque wrenches. Tasks that generally require two operators can be done with just one.
Built-in power assist mechanism that generates about three times the power, making it possible to tighten the wheel nuts of a large vehicle with just one hand.
Adjusting tightening position is free by damper.
The unique caster layout offers freedom of access to the job at hand.
Less cost without any power source.
Power source (pneumatic or electrical) not required.
Torque checking and tightening can be performed easily at the same time with the SPINTORK ST1000N3.
±5% Accuracy and bi-direction tightening.

How To Use
• Set the torque value.
Set the torque value on the graduation of the torque wrench.
The value on the graduation is multiplied value by the gear ratio. Therefore, the torque value on the graduation should be the same as the value you wish to apply on the bolt.
You do not need to multiply the torque value by the gear ratio of the main body.
1. Loosen the locker.
2. Rotate the sub graduation and set the torque value (main graduation + sub graduation).
3. Lock the locker (clockwise).

1. See the main graduation while rotating the sub graduation. When it comes close to 500N·m on the main graduation, check the value on the sub graduation. Align 0 of the sub graduation to the red dot. Now, the torque wrench is set to 500N·m.
2. See the sub graduation and rotate it clockwise until 50 is aligned to the red dot. Now, the torque wrench is set to 550N·m.
• Set TW750N2/1000N2 main body to the bolt and the nut.
To set the position of TW750N2/1000N2 main body, vertical position (height) can be adjusted by the gas damper and horizontal position by sliding the shaft.

• Make sure to set torque value before use. Torque is set to the minimum value at default.
• Do not use it at the torque out of its specified torque range.
• Do not use it in the rain or in water. This product is NOT water-resistant. Take measures so water don’t come inside the product.
• Conduct calibration and daily inspection. Calibration and daily inspection is required. For calibration, contact your nearest distributor or TOHNICHI.
• When working in a narrow space, watch out for your hand and elbow. When operating the torque wrench, be careful not to hit your hand and elbow against surroundings.
• Do not apply oil inside the torque wrench. It may cause the output torque to be excessive.
• Do not use it on unpaved ground (gravel, mud, etc). Output torque may be unstable, and may degrade product durability, or cause injuries.
• After use, make sure to remove all the dirt such as dust, mud, oil, etc before storage. If you store it with dirt on, it may cause operation and accuracy failure.
• If you don't use it for a long time, set it to the lowest torque value. Apply some anti-rust oil and store it in a dry place. Storing in wrong conditions may degrade the product durability and accuracy.

• Pay attention to the "ONLY" arrow mark. The torque wrench operates only when applying torque in the direction shown on the arrow. If you apply torque on the wrong direction, the torque wrench itself may break down and it could lead to acceidents and injuries.
• Stop tightening upon "click" sound. If you keep applying torque, it will be over-torque.
• Do not use mementum or your weight, when applying torque. It may cause the wrench to slip and come off the bolt, which may lead to accidents and injuries.
• Do not apply torque over specified maximum value. It may break itself and cause accidents and injuries.
• Use sockets that match the bolt and nut. If sockets and bolt/nut are incompatible shape, it cause accidents and injuries.
• Do not use a defected product such as one without pins or graduation, etc. Make sure to contact the shop of your purchase or TOHNICHI and ask for check-up and repair.
• Do not try to modify the product. It may affect robustness and cause accuracy failure.
• Do not use any other parts for repair than those specified by TOHNICHI. To repair the torque wrench, contact your nearest distributor or TOHNICHI and use parts specified by TOHNICHI only.

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