Tohnichi CL / CLE Adjustable Click Type Torque Wrench

Tohnichi CL / CLE Adjustable Click Type Torque Wrench

Tohnichi CL / CLE Adjustable Click Type Torque Wrench

Interchangeable head applicable for multi-purpose use.
Interchangeable head version of QL model.
By exchanging heads, the wrench services a variety of applications from open end spanner, ring, ratchet, hex heads, and more, with a single wrench.
A clear "click" sound signals tightening completion upon reaching the set torque.
Torque setting is easy to adjust by knob and scale.
With CLE550N2 to CLE1200N2 models, the built-in torque adjustment handle makes torque changes easy even without a special-purpose tool.
CL2N to CL25N5 models have a resin grips with large contrasting scale.
CL50N to CL280N models have a resin grip, while CL420N has a knurled metal handle.
CLE550N2 to CLE1200N2 models have an extension handle that separates from the body for compact storage.
CL25N5x10D, CL50Nx12, CL50Nx15D, CL100Nx15D and CL140Nx15D adjustable torque wrenches can be used with interchangeable adjustable heads (AH) (monkey wrench type).
Applicable for international use including the EU region. Compliant with calibration procedures of ISO 6789 Type II Class A.

How To Use
Turn the adjuster and match up the mark of the adjuster and mark of grip-end cap.
In case that mark of the adjuster and mark of grip-end cap are not matched, it cannot pull the adjuster to prevent incorrect torque setting.If the adjuster is pulled by force, it causes a failure.
Pull the adjuster.
Pull the adjuster and turn it to set a torque.

How To Set CL25N5X10Dat 14.4N.m
Turn Supplementary Graduation untilm13N·m on Main Graduation comes close to Graduation Datum Line (red line), and then adjust 0 on Supplementary graduation in the center of the Supplementary graduation window.
The torque would be set at 13N·m at this moment.
Turn the Supplementary Graduation till it reaches to 1.4.
Now torque is set at 14.4N·m

Don't use this wrench except for tightening purposes.
This is a torque wrench for bolt Tightening only.
Don't use this wrench for loosening.
Excessive torque may be applied while loosening, which will cause damage to the torque driver and could result in an accident or injury.
Make sure there is no oil, or grease on the grip.
A slip of the hand while tightening, may cause an accident or injury.
Check for cracks, scratches and rust. These will cause damage to the wrench and may result in an injury. If such conditions exist, have a functional test performed and repair if necessary.
Make sure when moving the ratchetmlever that it is in its correct position.
If the ratchet lever is only moved half way, the ratchet will be damaged, and that will cause an accident or injury.
When you use this wrench in a high location, prepare to prevent dropping the wrench. If you drop the torque wrench or socket, that may cause a serious accident or injury.
Don't use a pipe to extend handle. This will cause damage to the torque wrench and create an accuracy error.

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