Tohnichi Insulated Pre-lock Torque Wrench

Tohnichi Insulated Pre-lock Torque Wrench

Tohnichi Insulated Pre-lock Torque Wrench

Designed for use in environments where there are potential electric shock hazards.
Withstands voltage: Max AC1000V.
Prevents electric shock accidents.
Ideal for electric car assembly, connection of battery terminal, and wiring work.
Torque setting is easy to adjust by knob and scale.
Applicable for international use including the EU region.
Compliant with ISO 6789 Type II Class A calibration procedures.

Do's And Don'ts
Don't use your weight when using torque wrench, because this may result in loss of control, with possible injury is wrench comes off of the bolt.
Do use fluid and steady motion. Jerking or unsteady movement may damage the wrench.
Don't use an adapter to reduce the square drive size. This may result over-stressing of the square drive, and slippage that may lead to injury.
Do inspect the wrench before each use, and ask a Tohnichi-authorized repair center to inspect or repair it if any parts are missing or damaged.
Don't modify the wrench, or use a wrench that has any modifications except those approved by Tohnichi. Other modifications will weaken the wrench, or cause inaccuracy, as well as causing damage or possible injury.
Do take care to avoid shocks or jolts, including dropping the wrench. Damage or deformation may result, and accuracy and durability will be reduced.
Do always store the torque wrench properly. Place it in its original container or a tool container designed for that purpose, and never stand it on end. Failure to follow this advice may result in reduced
wrench life, and increases risk of injury.
Do use only parts approved by Tohnichi for repair and maintenance of the torque wrench. Ask your place of purchase, an authorized repair center, or contact Tohnichi for assistance in obtaining parts or repairs.
Do use with an insulated glove when operating.

Proper use of torque wrench
Check the setting of the wrench before use. The wrench is set at the minimum torque setting when shipped.
Do not set torque below minimum scale torque.
Use the wrench within the scale range.
Make sure that the proper measurement unit (, kgf.m, NM,, etc.) is used in setting the wrench.
Avoid submersion in water. Water will cause damage to internal components and ruin the wrench.
Only use a socket in the proper hex size for the bolt being tightened.
The torque wrench handle has an effective-length mark, which must be used to grip it in the proper place. Improper grip position will reduce accuracy.
A click will signal that the proper amount of torque has been applied. Pay careful attention, and stop tightening when the click is heard or felt.
Use the torque wrench only where there is sufficient clearance and freedom of movement. You may select another wrench, if necessary.
Never use the torque wrench as a hammer or mallet.
Have the torque wrench inspected periodically by someone qualified for that purpose to insure accuracy and proper functioning.

Torque wrenches are required periodical inspection.
The loading direction must be at a right angle to the torque wrench. The tolerance is plus/minus 15 degrees of horizontal or vertical deviation.
Before using or storing the wrench, or whenever necessary, remove all debris, oil, water, etc. Keeping the wrench clean will prolong its life.
In case of storing a torque wrench for a long period, set its scale down to the minimum, and keep it in a dry place. Improper storage may cause damage to the wrench, and reduce the accuracy.

How to set the torque(PQLZ)
Remove the end cap. When a cap cannot take easily, a driver is fitted over the crevice between the body and cap, and is removed.
Insert a Allen wrench into a adjusting hole.
Turn the Allen wrench clockwise to add torque value, and turn counterclockwise to reduce torque value. Read main and supplementary graduation for your desired torque value.
After torque set, attach the cap firmly with a snap.

Set the proper torque. Refer to“ How to set the torque.”
Insert the square drive into a socket, making sure it is the proper size for the bolt or nut being tightened.
Place the socket onto the bolt head or nut.
Turn the wrench clockwise to fasten the bolt or nut.
Tightening is complete when a click is heard or felt.

Torque wrenches are designed for tightening only.
Check the handle to make sure it is free o f o il, g rease, d irt, o r o ther contaminants. A slip of the hand can cause injury or improper tightening.
Examine wrench for cracks, scratches, rust, or other damage. These can cause wrench failure and operator injury.
Do not drop the wrench. Damage to wrench or injury may result.
Do not use pipes, cheater bars, or any kind of extension on the handle of the wrench. This will damage the wrench, and result in inaccuracy.

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