Tohnichi DWQL/M-DW Torque and Angle Wrench

Tohnichi DWQL/M-DW Torque and Angle Wrench

Tohnichi DWQL/M-DW Torque and Angle Wrench

Clicks at snug torque. Begins measuring and displaying rotation angle.
LS type torque wrench can be converted to Angle torque wrench by installing M-DW.
Used with wrench torque setting at snug torque.
Clicks at snug torque. Begins measuring and displaying rotation angle.
Click type wrench with Digital Angle Module, total of 6 models.
Applicable for international use including the EU region.
DWQL series is compliant with calibration procedures of ISO 6789 Type II Class A.

The M-DW is digital an angle module is designed to be attached to our torque wrenchmwith limit switch. The LS type torque wrench can be used as an anglemwrench by attaching this module. An angle from the setting torque of the torquemwrench is measured.

When the power is turned on, angular velocity is checked to make zero correction. Unless the torque wrench is standstill at that time, “Er0” appears, repeating the angular velocity check. If “Er0” does not disappear, see “10. Error Messages”. Angular velocity zero correction is automatically made when the standstill state continues for 2 seconds or longer while the display is being turned on.

The M-DW is automatically placed in the power-saving mode when it is not being used (when not operating the key or activating the torque wrench). The power-saving mode includes 3 phases. Once the remaining battery capacity is running out, a display value blinks. If it discharges further, a bar display appears, disabling the battery. Once the display starts blinking, replace the battery as soon as possible.

The product is made available by setting one AA-size battery in the main unit. When setting the battery, take care of the polarity, and securely close the battery cap. Commercially available nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery and alkaline battery are both available. If the alkaline battery is used, however, the battery characteristics may not be fully exhibited.

* The nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery and the alkaline battery have different cut-off voltages. The product has been designed for the cut-off voltage of the nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery which is repeatedly available in view of the environment. For this reason, the alkaline battery may become useless before it has been fully consumed.

(1) Use only the specified battery.
(2) When not using the product for a long period of time, store it with the battery removed.
(3) Do not give vibrations or a shock to the product.
(4) Use the product only in the working environment mentioned in the operating instruction.
(5) Before use, carry out daily inspection to check the settings.
(6) Note that if the product is wetted with water or oil, it may result in trouble or burnout.
(7) Note that if the product is dropped or hit, it may result in damage and trouble.
(8) Use the product within the measurement range mentioned in the operating instruction.
(9) Be sure to conduct periodic inspection on the product.

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