Tohnichi Fully Automatic Digital Torque Wrench

Tohnichi Fully Automatic Digital Torque Wrench

Tohnichi Fully Automatic Digital Torque Wrench

Central torque management system. Automatic measurement, automatic judgment, etc.
View measurement information via computer monitor.
Register torque wrench test information to start automatic measurement and judgment by registered instructions.
Peripheral equipment can be attached easily.

Characteristics and Accessories
After selecting the model of wrench to check, the tester will perform automatic measurement and judgment. First enter model names on the master. When this has been done, select the wrench model, set the torque, choose the channel setting, input the accuracy, measurement cycle, and the mode, PEAK or RUN, and the measurement points will be set automatically.

Graph DIsplay Function
For click-type torque wrenches, both adjustable and internally preset models, you can plot measurement data on the graph, and see both the judgment and trend for each point. When the operation is completed, an average will be displayed, with a green 'OK' for acceptable readings or a red 'NG' for unacceptable readings.

For direct read torque wrenches, such as beam-type and dial-type wrenches, you may plot the measurement points in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions, and the tester will perform an OK/NG judgment.

Ratchet Adapter allows for easier checking of ratcheting torque wrenches by reducing the extra travel required by poor square-drive positioning.

DA Down Adapter is a convenient and easy-to-use way to reduce the inlet size of Tohnichi torque testers to accommodate smaller square-drive sizes without adding the extra height of a typical socket-adapter.

Tohnichi offers step adapters to allow easy and convenient checking of spannerand ring-head wrenches. Please consult the Tohnichi Torque Products Reference Guide for specifications.

Choose this when calibrating the tester. The calibration kit for the Tohnichi Model TF Torque Wrench Tester is optional. Please contact your local dealer, or your nearest Tohnichi sales office for specifications.

Choose this for Master Registration, Updates, Deletion, Training Cycle Speed-Up, and Speed Reduction Point Set-Up.

How to set the torque wrench
It is adjusted if you apply torque effective line and torque wrench's torque will match with tester's torque. If this position is not correct, some error will occur between torque wrench's value and tester's value.

Measurement of click-type torque wrench
Measurement of signal torque wrench
If you choose a click-type torque wrench registered on the master (adjustable, such as QL or preset, such as QSP etc.), you can measure without any changes in the programming of the tester.
Click-type torque wrench Operation procedure

If you set TRAINIG CYCLE, SPEED REDUCTION POINT, MEASUREMENT MASTER SET- UP, you can do inspection of torque wrenches quicker and accurately.

If you take data of preset type, the first data is not stable, so neglect it. You will take data after training.

For direct read type you can set to stop some % before measurement point. For signal torque wrench you can set to reduce speed some % before measurement point. You can not change the setting separately.

If you register already MODEL NAME, ACCURACY, MEASUREMENT CYCLE,CH, PEAK/RUN, MEASUREMENT POINT on MEASUREMENT MASTER SET-UP, you just choose model name and can start to measure.

Not available.

You can set waiting time for unloaded condition in measurement.

If you choose, it will go back to menu display.

Never use the tester near flammable materials or gases, as fire or explosion may result. Do not disassemble the tester or any part of the tester, or remove any covers to prevent death or serious injury from electric shock. Damage to the tester may also result. Never insert anything into the machine, except for purposes of adjustment or repair, and then only those performed by persons authorized and trained for those purposes.

Do not subject the tester to extreme temperatures; excessive humidity or moisture; intense vibration. Keep the tester on a surface that offers stability and is strong enough to support its weight. Failure to do this may result in damage or destruction of the tester. Don’t bend, crimp, or twist the power cable or controller cable.

This may damage the insulation, and cause shorts or risk of fire or electric shock. Unplug the tester from the electrical outlet if the tester will be unused for lengthy periods. Never stand or climb on the tester, or place anything on it, other than wrenches to be tested or accessories intended and designed for use with the tester.

If the tester fails to perform properly, follow proper lock-out, tag-out procedures, if you have instituted them, or turn off the tester, disconnect it from power, and contact your authorized Tohnichi dealer.

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