Tohnichi LTD Adjustable Limiting Type Torque Screwdriver

Tohnichi LTD Adjustable Limiting Type Torque Screwdriver

Tohnichi LTD Adjustable Limiting Type Torque Screwdriver

Adjustable Limiting Torque Screwdriver
Adjustable type features external scale that can be set simply by twisting the body to line up with desired torque value and then secured in place with black lock ring.
Hexagonal shaped locker prevents driver from rolling when set down on flat surfaces between uses.
Upon reaching set torque, user will sense the limit. The tool will spring back slightly and user must stop turning.
If user, continues past the limit, tool will continue to apply additional torque.
LTD is non rotary type. See RTD version for rotary slip feature which prevents over-torque.
Tohnichi's toggle clutch torque detection mechanism enhances accuracy and durability.
Accepts standard 1/4" hex root bit (sold separately)
Includes Certificate of Calibration
For Preset Version Limiting Screwdriver, See Model NTD
Counterclockwise tightening model available upon request.
Applicable for international use including the EU region. Compliant with calibration procedures of ISO 6789 Type II Class D.

Operating Instructions
Turn Locker clockwise to release lock.
Hold the knurled part of the main scale and turn the handle until the desired torque is reached.
How to set the torque
Turn the handle until the edge of the minor scale is lined up with the torque line of the major scale.
Set vertical torque line of the minor scale to vertical line of the major scale For LTD1000CN, 2000CN, use the attached spanner for easy torque setting.
After the torque setting,turn Locker counter-clockwise for locking.
Insert the bit into the adapter.
Start tightening operation.
RTD model slips when set torque reaches.
When reaching the set torque, the break is felt by hand in 15 degrees.Stop and complete the tightening work within the 15 degrees.
Use the plier to pull out the bit when the bit is tight.

Precautions for use
Make sure the torque drivers is set correctly before using. The torque is set on the minimum scale for shipment. Use the wrench within the scale range.Do not set torque below minimum scale torque. Confirm that the torque is set according to the correct unit of measure before using. Don't lock,by using pliers. The lock mechanism will be damaged and will not maintain torque accuracy. Don't use torque driver in fresh water or sea water.

Don't turn the main scale with releasing the locker. When reaching the set torque, the break is felt by hand in 15 degrees. Stop and complete the tightening work within the 15 degrees. Even with rotary slip clutch, extra clicks will result in clutch engagement wearing and may shorten durability.

Perform regular inspections for function and accuracy. Periodical inspections are essential to insure the torque wrench is in optimal condition thus preventing injury. Remove any dirt such as dust, mud, oil and water, etc. after each use and before storing torque drivers.

When storing the torque drivers for a long time,set at the minimum torque,apply rustproof oil,and keep in a dry place. If improperly stored,the accuracy and durability will decrease rapidly.

Auxiliary tightening tool for LTD500CN and 1000CN is available (separately sold). LTD2000CN are special-purpose bits.

Standard accessories
Resin grip (for LTD120CN and LTD260CN models only) is a standard accessory. LTD260CN Preset hook key for up to 2000CN models only. LTD2000CN is an auxiliary tightening tool supplied as a standard accessory.

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