Taber S-35 Tungsten Carbide Specialty Wheels

Taber S-35 Tungsten Carbide Specialty Wheels

Taber S-35 Tungsten Carbide Specialty Wheels

S-35 Tungsten Carbide - Manufactured out of tungsten carbide, the periphery of the S-35 consists of sharp helical teeth (1 mm pitch x 45° spiral pitch angle). The teeth combine both a cutting and tearing action, which provides a very severe abrasion. Intended for use only on resilient materials such as rubber, linoleum, and leather. S-35 wheels may be cleaned using a soft brass bristle brush.

Specialty - Used for special applications.

Taber abrading wheels produce characteristic rub wear action
Used with the Taber Rotary plateform Abraser, two abrasive wheels create the circular wear path reconized as a Taber test. As specimens are subjected to the rub wear action of the wheels, the abrasion marks form the pattern of crossed arcs resulting in a circular ring. This process abrades the sample over all angles of grain or weave, and covers approximately 30 square centimeter.

Analytical Grade abrasive materials ensure Test repeatability
The composition of Taber abrading wheels has been carefully chosen and a rigorous quality program maintains the uniformly of the wheels. Used in Pairs, each wheels is labeled left or right to assure the mounting position will be duplicated should the wheels be removed and later reinstalled. The wheels should be refaced according to recommanded practice, and can be used to their minimun usable diameter of 45mm O.D.

S-42 Sandpaper Strip - An open coat sandpaper that is cut to 12.7 x 160 mm strips and includes a pressure sensitive adhesive to attach the strip to the periphery of CS-0 (S-32) resilient wheels. The S-42 consists of a very fine aluminum oxide grit, graded as 180 ANSI-CAMI which has an average particle size that is approximately 78µm (0.00304 inches).

The paper is an "A" weight which satisfies the paper grammage requirement of 70 - 100 g/m². To maintain the rate of abrasion, the sandpaper strips must be changed after a defined number of test cycles (typically 200 or 500). Applications include high pressure decorative laminates, wood flooring, plastics, furniture surfaces, paints and varnishes.

For both Calibrase and Calibrade wheels, different grades are furnished to meet varying requirements of abrasive action. The composition of Genuine Taber abrading wheels has been carefully chosen to reproduce normal service wear. The quality and uniformity of these wheels is maintained by continuous inspection sampling and tightly controlled manufacturing processes.

Wheels are sold in pairs, and shipped in tight-lidded containers to prevent damage. Each wheel is labeled "LEFT HAND (or RIGHT HAND)" to assure that the mounting position will be duplicated after the wheels have been removed and later re-installed. For Calibrase and Calibrade wheels, the label is also used to indicate the minimum diameter of the wheels (1.75 inch or 44.45 mm OD). When the wheel is worn to the label, it must be replaced.

Depending on the abradant type and test specimen, the wheel surface may change (i.e. become clogged) due to the transfer of material from the test specimen to the abrading wheel, and must be cleaned at frequent intervals. Click here for information on Refacing Options. As the abrasive coefficient of the wheels can also be altered by oil and other contaminants, handle only the sides of the wheels.

How long a set of Genuine Taber Wheels will last is dependent on the load, surface texture and frictional characteristics of the material being tested and frequency of refacing. Most published test methods provide sufficient details on which abrasive wheels to use. If you are following a particular standard, please refer to it for the appropriate wheel. If your application is not covered by an established procedure, deciding which abrading wheel is best determined with preliminary testing on the actual material.

The ideal selection criterion is to reproduce, as nearly possible, the wear which the material will be subjected to in actual use. It is important to keep in mind that wear is a complex phenomenon that may not be exactly replicated through an accelerated abrasion test, and the abrasive wheels represent a limited subset of actual contact conditions that material surfaces will be subjected to while in service.

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