Taber CS-10F Calibrase Wheels

Taber CS-10F Calibrase Wheels

Taber CS-10F Calibrase Wheels

CS-10F Calibrase - A resilient wheel that offers a mild abrading action, designed to operate under loads of 250 or 500 grams. The CS-10F is typically used to test materials such as safety glazing materials and transparent plastics, and should be refaced with the ST-11 refacing stone.

An essential component of conducting "Taber wear tests" is the type of abrasive wheel that is used. Taber offers standardized grades of Genuine Taber abrasive wheels, engineered for a variety of specific applications. The wheels are a proprietary formulation developed and designed by Taber Industries so the binder material breaks down during use, exposing and creating a new abrading surface. The minimum usable diameter of Taber abrading wheels is 44.4 mm, which corresponds with the wheel label.

Abrading wheels for the Taber Abraser (Abrader) can be classified as:

Calibrase - A resilient wheel composed of resilient binder and aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasive particles. Frequently used to evaluate rigid specimens.

Taber abrading wheels produce characteristic rub wear action
Used with the Taber Rotary plateform Abraser, two abrasive wheels create the circular wear path reconized as a Taber test. As specimens are subjected to the rub wear action of the wheels, the abrasion marks form the pattern of crossed arcs resulting in a circular ring. This process abrades the sample over all angles of grain or weave, and covers approximately 30 square centimeter.

Genuine Taber abrading wheels for the Taber Abraser are available in two general types, Calibrase and Calibrade®. With standardized grades to meet varying requirements of abrasive action, numerous types of materials may be evaluated. Custom abrasives can also be developed, specific to your application.

Composed of a resilient binder, and aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasive particles. During testing, the wheel surface wears away to expose new grain particles.

Calibrase wheels are often used to test rigid specimens, Calibrade wheels to test flexible specimens.
Under ordinary conditions, a wheel / load combination should run a minimum of 100 - 300 cycles on a material specimen before the end point occurs. Otherwise, the test may be too harsh.
The minimum usable diameter of Taber abrading wheels is 45 mm (1.75”), which is the same diameter as the wheel label. Wheel life is dependent on load, frequency and method of refacing, and material being tested.
During testing, wheel surfaces may “clog” or “crown” and require refacing.
Increasing the load on the wheel typically increases the rate of wear.

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