SeekShot Pocket Sized Handheld Thermal Imager

SeekShot Pocket Sized Handheld Thermal Imager

SeekShot Pocket Sized Handheld Thermal Imager

Seek Shot has everything you've ever needed from a thermal imaging camera. New on-device tools to capture, edit and analyze in the field. SeekFusion to adjust the blend between thermal and visible images and quickly diagnose hidden problems. A built-in tripod mount for fixed monitoring and collaboration.

Seek Shot is the most advanced thermal imaging camera for building professionals. Snap photo and video and analyze immediately with new on-board thermography tools. Add spot measurements and temperature boxes to create time-saving reports on the spot. Precisely diagnose problems with 6x higher resolution than comparably priced cameras.

Take full control of photos and video by adjusting the blend between visible and thermal images. Share and stream to any smartphone or tablet over WiFi. Mount to a tripod and live stream to colleagues to tackle tougher jobs in the challenging environments. Seek Shot puts durable and sleek thermal imaging expertise in your pocket.

Key Features
206 x 156 Thermal ResolutionIdentify, diagnose and report problems faster with high resolution thermal images and video
SeekFusion™ TechnologySee exactly what you’re looking at with combined visible and thermal images
Large Color Touch Screen3.5” color touchscreen with 640x480 resolution so you can see more detail
WIFI Live View Stream a live thermal view onto your smartphone or tablet over WiFi
Long-Lasting Battery Life Best-in-class battery life of up to 4 hours continuous thermal imaging
Durable, Pocket-Sized Housing Built with a rugged, IP54 rating

Benifits & Uses
Easy-to-Use InterfaceDiagnose problems on-the-spot and analyzes images on your device
Inspect Electrical Panels, Connections, and FusesFind electrical faults faster and with more confidence
Check Ventilation Systems for Proper InstallationEnsure grilles, registers, and diffusers are sealed for maximum efficiency
Spot Duct Leaks Invisible to the Human EyeEasily scan a large ducting network to reveal the air leaks
Identify Inefficient Air HandlersDiagnose faulty equipment and improve energy efficiency
Find Missing InsulationEasily find missing or poor-performing insulation in seconds

Technical Summary
Thermal Sensor :206 x 156 (32,000 pixels)
SeekFusion™ :Yes
Field of View :36 Degree
Temperature Range :FOV-40°F to 626°F (-40°C to 330°C)
Frame Rate :< 9 Hz
Focus :Fixed Focus
Light/Flash :Yes
Display :3.5” Color Display (648 x 480 Resolution)
Microbolometer :Vanadium Oxide
Thermal Sensitivity :< 70 mK
Spectral Range :7.5 – 14 Microns
User Interface :Intuitive Touch Screen
Temp. Display Scale :Fahrenheit, Celsius or Kelvin
Color Palettes :White, Black, Tyrian, Spectra, Iron, Prism, Amber & Hi
Storage Media :4GB Internal Storage
Battery :Up to 4 Hours Thermal Imaging
WiFi :WiFi enabled. Connect & stream via SeekView app

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