Reveal ShieldPRO High Resolution Thermal Imaging For Law Enforcement

Reveal ShieldPRO High Resolution Thermal Imaging For Law Enforcement

Reveal ShieldPRO High Resolution Thermal Imaging For Law Enforcement

Introducing Reveal ShieldPRO, our newest high-resolution thermal imaging camera built exclusively for law enforcement professionals. Unlike night vision cameras, thermal imaging cameras require no ambient light and retain their clarity in any lighting condition. By helping officers quickly and efficiently clear a dark room or track a suspect, thermal cameras create an improved level of personal safety and situational awareness. Additional benefits include the ability to better investigate crime scenes, conduct search & rescue operations, and recover discarded evidence.

Highly durable and easy to use, RevealShieldPRO combines a high-performance 320 x 240 thermal sensor with intuitive user interface. When you need it, a powerful 300-lumen LED light is available at the touch of a button. RevealShieldPRO was specifically designed for Law Enforcement Professionals. Built with a rugged over-mold housing and IP67 rating, RevealShieldPRO is fit to withstand the elements.

Thermal Imaging helps you safeguard land and borders, quickly clear a room, find discarded evidence at night, and track perpetrators without a flashlight giving your position away. Even the most elusive suspects can’t hide their heat signature.

Key Features
320 x 240 Thermal SensorExcellent image clarity and sensitivity with 76,800 pixels
Long-Range DetectionDetect a human at long distances in complete darkness
3.5 Hour RuntimeLong-Lasting rechargeable battery
Durable DesignDesigned for the outdoors with IP67 rating
Lightweight & Easy-to-useIntuitive, 3 button controls provide easy operation of your camera

Safeguard Buildings, Land, and BordersTactical surveillance technology that’s affordable
Better Than Night VisionEven the most elusive perpetrators can’t hide their heat signature
Personal SafetyClear a room without putting yourself in harm’s way
Situational AwarenessIt’s a lot easier to stay safe when you can see in the dark
Recover EvidenceRecover discarded or hidden evidence invisible to the human eye

Technical Summary
Thermal Sensor :320 x 240
Detection Distance :825 Yards (758 Meters)
Recognize Distance :200 Yards (190 Meters)
Identify Distance :115 Yards (108 Meters)
Field of View :24 Degree FOV
Frame Rate :9 Hz or >15 Hz
Zoom :4X Digital Zoom
IP Rating :IP67 Waterproof
Display :2.4” Color with Corning® Gorilla® Glass
Microbolometer :Vanadium Oxide
Startup Time :2 - 3 Seconds
Spectral Range :7.5 – 14 Microns
User Interface :Self-Contained Device with 3 Button Navigation
Storage Temp :-40 to 140F (-40 to 60C)
Operating Temp :-40 to 120F (-20 to 50C)
Runtime :Up to 3.5 Hours Thermal Imaging
Battery :Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Product Details :Product Dimensions: 122mm x 60mm x 30mm Product Weight: 180g | .4 lbs
Box Details :Box Dimensions: 230mm x 185mm x 61mm Box Weight: 660g | .145 lbs

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