Seek Scan Human Skin Scanning Thermal Imaging Systems for Covid19 Intial Screening with Social Distance Range

Seek Scan Human Skin Scanning Thermal Imaging Systems for Covid19 Intial Screening with Social Distance Range

Seek Scan Human Skin Scanning Thermal Imaging Systems for Covid19 Intial Screening with Social Distance Range

Accurate, automated and affordable Specifically designed and calibrated for Human skin temperature measurement Enables social distancing Perfect for lobbies, hallways and other key access points Set a customizable alarm temperature and start screening in minutes

Seek Scan™ is a simple, low-cost, thermal imaging system designed to automate body temperature screening using skin temperature as a proxy. Unlike traditional screening methods, Seek Scan enables social distancing, self-measurement and finds the most reliable spot on the face for temperature measurement.
The Seek Scan process provides an additional layer of preventive screening and delivers more peace of mind to businesses, institutions and participants. Set up Seek Scan in minutes using two tripods and a Windows PC. Made in USA with global components

Small, medium & large businesses Factories and warehouses Hotels Restaurants Venues, theaters and arenas Nursing homes Schools and day cares Gyms and other sports facilities

3 Types of Modes

Key Features
Designed and calibrated for skin temperature Unlike typical industrial thermal cameras, Seek Scan was developed for precise skin temperature measurement and also includes a fixed heat source that Maximizes accuracy.
Enables social distancing

Non-contact, non-invasive screening eliminates contact between screening personnel and participants
Affordable Priced significantly lower than other thermal screening solutions

Fast, automated screening
In seconds, the system automatically detects a face, finds the most reliable spot to measure and displays a pass/fail alert based on the customizable alarm temperature Proven technology
Thermal imaging has been used globally for years as a fast, non-invasive way to measure temperature
Easy to install and easy to use
Start scanning in minutes using two tripods and a Windows PC

Technical Details
Thermal Sensor Resolution : 206 H x 156 V
Visible Light Camera Resolution : 640 x 480
Horizontal / Vertical Field of View : 35° h / 26° v
Lens Focal Length / F-Number : 4.0 mm / f/1.20
Frame Rate : 9Hz
Power : USB 5V Plugs into Computer USB-A port
Dimensions L x W x H & Weight : 3 x 8 x 9 cm / 140 g
Tripod Mount : 1/4"-20 Standard Camera Tripod Mount

Fixed Heat Source Specifications
Temperature-Controlled Device : Emits a constant reference temperature
Power : 110V to 220V 50/60Hz - Plugs into Wall Outlet
Dimensions L x W x H & Weight : 3 x 9 x 9.5 cm / 80 g
Tripod Mount : 1/4"-20 Standard Camera Tripod Mount

Measurement Specifications
Temperature Accuracy :± 0.3°C -0.5°F between 36°C to 40°C , 96°F to 104°F @ 1.5 meters 5 feet
Verified in a laboratory setting using a fixed heat source
Sensor Sensitivity : 40 mK -typical, less than 50 mK -max @ 25°C Post Signal Processing
System Specifications
System Requirements Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7 and 10
Operating Temperature : Optimal temperature accuracy in conditions below 105°F - 40°C ambient
Scan Measurement Time : 1 Second
Data Capture : Event Trigger with JPEG and Thermal Spot Temperature
Data Output Ask your sales representative for options to integrate Seek Scan data with other systems

- Camera USB-A Cable
- Fixed Heat Source
- Fixed Heat Source Power Cable
- USB Stick with Seek Scan Software
- Quick Start Guide

Frequestly Asked Questions in SEEK SCAN

How long does Seek Scan take to set up?
Typical set up times take between 5 to 10 minutes on initial set up.

What is the set up configuration?

The Camera must be placed 1.5m (5 feet) from the Fixed Heat Source. The subject must stand next to the Fixed Heat Source looking at the Camera, and both the subject and the Fixed Heat Source must be in the Camera scene at the same time. Failure to follow these distance guidelines may result in less accurate skin temperature readings.

What is required to operate Seek Scan in addition to what is included in the box?

A PC, laptop, or tablet running Windows operating system (OS), software version 7 or 10 is required. Additionally, you will need a way to mount the Fixed Heat Source and the Camera. There is a variety of suitable options that range from using 2 standard camera tripods to more permanent installation options.

Note: The female ¼ 20 tripod mount is located on the back of the Camera and the Fixed Heat Source. If using a tripod setup, make sure the ¼ 20 mount is adjustable by 90 degrees, allowing the devices to face the correct direction.

Can the subject wear facemasks, glasses and hats?

Seek Scan will often work for subjects wearing these items. However, a single person with a high combination of these items may result in lower accuracy or no temperature reading. If this occurs, or for the most accurate results, it is recommended that subjects remove facial gear before measurement.

How do I update Seek Scan Software?

Seek Scan software has an auto update function. The software will automatically check for updates if your computer is connected to the internet. If your system is not up to date, Seek Scan will send you an alert to update your software. If your PC is not connected to the internet, you can find the latest software version at Please click the “About” menu at the top of the Seek Scan software program to check the version your software is currently running.

Does the system require WiFi?

No. The system does not require WiFi to function. As mentioned above, Seek Thermal may update the software occasionally and provide a download option on our website. Therefore, having your Windows PC connect to the internet will provide you the ability to access Seek Thermal’s website and get product updates as they are released.

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