Defelsko PosiTector UTG Ultrasonic Thickness Gages

Defelsko PosiTector UTG Ultrasonic Thickness Gages

Defelsko PosiTector UTG Ultrasonic Thickness Gages

Measures the wall thickness of materials such as steel, plastic and more using ultrasonic technology. Ideal for measuring the effects of corrosion or erosion on tanks, pipes or any structure where access is limited to one side. Multiple echo (UTG M) Thru-Paint models measure the metal thickness of a painted structure without having to remove the coating.

Precision ultrasonic transducers provide fast, accurate readings
Solvent, acid, oil, water, and dust resistant – weatherproof
Pre-programmed velocities – Simply select from a list of common materials or enter your own with ease
Min Scan - Measurement rate of up to 20 readings per second with onscreen min and max for quick inspection over a large area
PosiTector interchangeable platform – attach any PosiTector probe to a single gage body
USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity to PosiSoft PC, Mac, and Smartphone software

Large, easy-to-read, graphics LCD
Pre-programmed velocities – Simply select from a list of common materials or enter your own with ease
Smart Couple™ – Eliminates inadvertent decoupling - ideal for analyzing large areas using multiple passes
Enhanced one-handed menu navigation
Flashing display — ideal in a noisy environment
RESET feature instantly restores factory settings

Braided stainless steel cable and heavy-duty strain reliefs for demanding applications (PosiTector UTG CX only)
Impact resistant lens
Wear-resistant probe tip
Shock-absorbing, protective rubber holster with belt clip
Two year warranty on gage body AND probe

Precision ultrasonic transducers provide fast, accurate readings
Certificate of Calibration (Long Form) showing traceability to NIST included
Conforms to national and international standards including ASTM E797
Built-in temperature compensation ensures measurement accuracy

High contrast LCD with backlit display
Single or two point adjustment
Inch/mm switchable
Selectable display languages
Flip display enables right-side-up viewing
Extended cables available (up to 20 m/60 ft) for underwater or remote measuring
Uses alkaline or rechargeable batteries (built-in charger)

Min Scan - measurement rate of up to 20 readings per second with onscreen min and max for quick inspection over a large area
Statistics Mode continually displays/updates average, standard deviation, min/max thickness and number of readings while measuring
HiLo alarm audibly and visibly alerts when measurements exceed user-specified limits
Sealed USB Port for fast, simple connection to a PC and to supply continuous power. USB cable included
Software Updates via web keep your gage current
Screen Capture – record and save image into USB flash memory for record keeping and review
Software Solutions for viewing, analyzing & reporting data
Every stored measurement is date and time stamped

All gages come complete with body and probe, couplant, protective rubber holster with belt clip, wrist strap, 3 AAA alkaline batteries, instructions, nylon carrying case with shoulder strap, protective lens shield, Long Form Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST, USB cable, PosiSoft Software, two (2) year warranty.

Is the PosiTector UTG calibrated at the factory?
The PosiTector UTG arrives fully calibrated and ready to measure. A Long-Form Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST is included, which documents actual readings taken by your instrument at our calibration laboratory on standards traceable to a national metrology institute. Beware of ‘Certificates’ or ‘Certificates of Conformance’ offered by competitors. These typically do not include actual instrument readings, and are often insufficient to meet common quality requirements.

Verification of gage calibration and accuracy can be performed with the accessory Certified Step Block. If necessary, the PosiTector UTG operator can easily perform a calibration adjustment to align the gage’s thickness readings to match that of a known reference sample.

PosiTector Probes :PosiTector bodies accept all PosiTector probes easily converting from a coating thickness gage to a surface profile gage, dew point meter, soluble salt tester, hardness and ultrasonic thickness gage.

Certified Step Blocks :Ideal for checking calibration and operation of ultrasonic thickness gages and are an important component in fulfilling both ISO and in-house quality control requirements.

Pelican Cases for PosiTector Inspection Kits :Heavy-duty, waterproof Pelican cases complete with a custom foam insert to securely hold your PosiTector instrument.

Ultrasonic Couplant :Every PosiTector 200 and PosiTector UTG ships with (1) bottle of Ultrasonic couplant. Additional 4oz. bottles are available (sold in cases of 12). MSDS

Bluetooth Printer :Battery-operated and light weight, this Bluetooth Printer prints readings and statistical summaries via Bluetooth from Advanced models. AC Power Kit :Use for continuous operation or battery charging. This kit supplies several alternate power solutions for your battery-operated PosiTector. Operate your gage without the need for batteries.

Protective Lens Shield :Pack of 5 thin plastic lens shields to protect PosiTector display from paint overspray. One lens shield included in every PosiTector purchase. PosiTector Case :Convenient hard shell case for carrying a PosiTector gage body and multiple probes

Rechargeable Batteries :Precharged batteries ready to use with a considerably longer run time than conventional Nickel Cadmium batteries. High performance in low temperatures and no charger required.

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