Digital Serological Water Baths

Digital Serological Water Baths

Digital Serological Water Baths

Advantages of GMP Standard Water Bath Serological Digital

Fully stainless steel, including bottom, makes it GMP standard & total rust proof.
Easy to set & use - direct digital setting & readout.

Applications of Serological Water Baths

Ideal for sample pre-treatement in QC, for Serological tests in Pathology and all thermostating tests.

Construction Details of GMP Serological Water Baths
Double walled full SS construction with glasswool insulation.

Standard Features of Digital Water Baths
Temperature Range: Ambient +5ºC to 90ºC.
Digital Temperature Controller cum Indicator - 1°C resolution.
Energy efficient tubular heater.

Optional Accessories for Water Baths

Gabled lid of stainless steel, specially designed so that the condensate drips on sides.
A pack of float balls for containing evaporation loss. These balls will form a movable and flexible layer that facilitate easy removal and placement of test tubes, racks without the hassles of opening and closing a lid.
Suitable test tube racks.

Model Size L/W/D
in cm
Racks (optional) Optional SS
Gabled Lid Model
Optional Float Ball Packs Model Heater App. Shipping Details
Net / Gr. / Volume
Kahn 30
Kahn 48
#6701-DI 27 x 13 x 12 - 1 #6901 #6990-50 x 1 500 W 3.5 kg / 4.0 kg / 0.030 m3
#6721-DI 30 x 27 x 12 1 3 #6921 #6990-50 x 2 500 W 5.5 kg / 6.1 kg / 0.050 m3

All electrical appliances work on 230V AC, 50Hz, single phase. Other Voltages available on request.
Due to continuous improvement in design, the product supplied may have modified features.