European Class B Table Top Vacuum Autoclaves

European Class B Table Top Vacuum Autoclaves

Class B Table Top Autoclave

Being an Well Known manufacturers and Suppliers of European Class B Table Top Vacuum Autoclaves in India since 1980. Our European Class B Table Top Vacuum Autoclaves are mostly & widely used for everyday sterilization process methods in various Automated Pharmaceutical laboratories, Sophosticated Food Laboratories, Hitech Universities and for Research applications. We specialize in both standard, advanced, customized models with CE Marked, specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of various scientists / Research centers / individual and specialized research applications. Over a long period of time DFT Tech have been established as reliable Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of European Class B Table Top Vacuum Autoclaves in India, catering to the huge markets in Asia, Middle East,North America and South America, Australia, Africa and Europe. Apart from that we are supplying our European Class B Table Top Vacuum Autoclaves in India through dealers , catering to a variety of customers ranging from Atomic energy, Biotechnology Companies, Microbiology Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Defence Installations, Research Laboratories, Educational Institutes and various Research and Development laboratories of leading national and multinational companies.

We DFT Tech Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers and Distributors of the European Class B Table Top Vacuum Autoclaves to various industries supplied our exclusive Scientific Dealers throughout in india

Advantages of European Class B Table Top Vacuum Autoclaves

It adopts European Class B standard.
With pulse pre-vacuum - essential for sterilizing all wrapped (single / double) or unwrapped items, including porous items that do not exceed the specifications of Hollow load Type A.
A pre defined program list for easy operational settings:
Reproducible sterilization cycles are accomplished through the defined programs.
Electronic control module offers microprocessor controls and LED display of operating parameters, where temperature, pressure and sterilisation time are constantly displayed.
A drying cycle helps prevent rusting of delicate instruments and helps dry clothing or absorbent materials.

Applications of European Class B Table Top Vacuum Autocalves

Table Top Class B Vacuum High Speed Sterilizers are ideal for all applications requiring rapid, reliable and total destruction of all living microorganisms.
Ideal for Ophthalmic Surgeons, Dental Surgeons, Surgical Doctors, Polyclinics and Hospitals, Operation theatres, QC / Micro as a stand-by unit.

Model Product Working Chamber Size
(Ø x D in cm / Lt)
No. of Trays App. Shipping Details (Air) Net/Gr./Volume
#7471-B-22 Class B Autoclave Ø250mm x 450mm (22L approx.) 3 45 kg / 72 kg / 0.35m3

Construction OR Standard Features of Calss B Table Top Vacuum Sterilizers

Safer and more reliable door structure. A heat-insulated door with locking feature prevents opening while the chamber is under pressure to help minimize dangers to operator.
Exhaust steam is discharged to an inbuilt water collection tank thus keeping the room steam free.

Sterilizing Temperature 121°C or 134°C
Test Bowie & Dick test
Safety Features Pressure Release Valve and computerized diagnosing and alarm system
Water Supply System Reservoirs (2Ltr fresh water supply system and 1.6Ltr waste water reservoirs)
Voltage 220V±10% 50/60Hz, Single Phase
Power 2400W / 10A