Refrigerated Circulating Water Baths 13 & 21 Litres

Refrigerated Circulating Water Baths 13 & 21 Litress

We are well known Manufacturers and Suppliers of Refrigerated Circulating Water Baths in India since 1980. Our Refrigerated Circulating Water Baths are widely used for day to day General laboratory Cooling in various laboratory applications. We specialize in both standard and customized models with CE Marked, specifically designed to meet the specific demands of various scientists for individual and specialized research applications. Over a long period of time DFT Tech have been established as reliable Exporters and Suppliers of Refrigerated Circulating Water Baths from India, catering to the huge markets in Asia, Middle East,North America and South America, Australia, Africa and Europe. Apart from that we are supplying our Refrigerated Circulating Water Baths in India through dealers catering to a variety of customers ranging from Atomic energy, Biotechnology Companies, Microbiology Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Defence Installations, Research Laboratories, Educational Institutes and various Research and Development laboratories of leading national and multinational companies.

We DFT Tech Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers and Distributors of the Refrigerated Circulating Water Baths to various industry end user and also supplied through our exclusive Scientific Dealers throughout in india and Worldwide

Advantages of Refrigerated Circulating Bath

- 13 LTR and 22 LTR
It provides heating & cooling.
Eliminates all the unwieldiness and hassles of using a separate Bath & Chiller.
Built in circulator pumps to external devices.
It offers highest level of performance, flexibility and control for the most demanding applications.
Quiet operation.
Wide operating range.

Applications of Refrigerated Circulating Baths

Ideal for Rotational Viscosity tests, Spectrophotometers, Refractometers, Electrophoresis, Isoelectric Focusing, Calibration, Chromatography, Condensers, Densitometers, Polarimeters and General Laboratory Cooling.

Construction Details of Refrigerated Baths

Corrosion resistant stainless steel bath and lid. Exterior construction of stainless steel with heat cured epoxy coating.

Standard Features of Refrigerated Circulating Baths:

Temperature Range -20 to +120ºC.
PID Temperature controller with timer, alarm & over temperature protection.
Control accuracy of ±0.1ºC at -10ºC.
Internal circulation enables precise temperature
uniformity in the bath better than ±0.3ºC.
Resolution 0.1°C.
Impeller type external circulation pump with 12 Lpm capacity.
Cooling capacity 350W at 20°C.

Model Bath Temp.
Capacity Usable Space
L/W/H in cm
App. Shipping Details
Net / Gr. / Volume
#8508.13L Refrigerated
-20 to +120 C 13 lit. 24 x 15 x 15 35 kg / 45 kg / 0.15m³
#8508.22L Refrigerated
-20 to +120 C 22 lit. 32 x 25 x 15 58 kg / 75 kg / 0.25m³